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The Big Bang Theory Season 2: A Review

The Big Bang Theory is a popular sitcom that revolves around the lives of four socially awkward scientists and their aspiring actress neighbor. The show combines humor, science, and romance in a hilarious and geeky way. The second season of the show aired on CBS from September 22, 2008 to May 11, 2009 and has 23 episodes.

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Plot Summary

The second season of The Big Bang Theory deals with character development and relationships. Leonard and Penny's relationship takes a turn for the worse when they temporarily break up and reconcile. Sheldon becomes more and more obsessive and eccentric, while Howard and Raj struggle with their love lives. The season also introduces new characters, such as Leslie Winkle, Stephanie Barnett, Ramona Nowitzki, and Beverly Hofstadter, who have significant impacts on the main characters.


The second season of The Big Bang Theory has many memorable moments and episodes. Some of the highlights are:

  • The Bad Fish Paradigm: Sheldon tries to keep Penny's secret from Leonard, but ends up moving out of the apartment and revealing it under the influence of Valium.

  • The Barbarian Sublimation: Sheldon introduces Penny to online gaming, but she becomes addicted and neglects her personal hygiene and career.

  • The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis: Sheldon struggles to find an appropriate Christmas gift for Penny, but is overwhelmed when she gives him a napkin signed by Leonard Nimoy.

  • The Lizard-Spock Expansion: Howard uses a Mars rover to impress a girl, but ends up getting it stuck in a ditch.

  • The Maternal Capacitance: Leonard's mother, a cold and distant psychiatrist, visits him and bonds with Sheldon, much to Leonard's dismay.

  • The Terminator Decoupling: The gang meets Summer Glau on a train to San Francisco, and Raj manages to talk to her without alcohol.

  • The Hofstadter Isotope: Stuart, the owner of the comic book store, asks Penny out on a date, making Leonard jealous.

  • The Vegas Renormalization: Leonard and Raj take Howard to Las Vegas to cheer him up after his break-up with Leslie, but end up hiring a prostitute.

  • The Classified Materials Turbulence: Penny helps Stuart with his second date with her friend Bernadette, who later becomes Howard's girlfriend.

  • The Monopolar Expedition: The gang prepares to go to the North Pole for a scientific expedition, but Penny realizes that she will miss Leonard.


The second season of The Big Bang Theory received positive reviews from critics and fans alike. It was nominated for several awards, including three Emmy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, and two Screen Actors Guild Awards. Jim Parsons won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for his performance as Sheldon Cooper. The season also increased the show's ratings and popularity, making it one of the most watched sitcoms on television.


The second season of The Big Bang Theory is a great example of how a sitcom can balance comedy, drama, and romance. It showcases the talents of the cast and the writers, who create witty dialogue and hilarious situations. It also explores the themes of friendship, love, family, and nerd culture in a relatable and entertaining way. The second season of The Big Bang Theory is a must-watch for fans of sitcoms and science.


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