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Judith Mcnaught Miracles Ebook Download

Judith Mcnaught Miracles Ebook Download

If you are a fan of historical romance novels, you might be interested in downloading Miracles, a short story by Judith Mcnaught. Miracles is part of the Westmoreland Dynasty Saga, a series of books that follows the lives and loves of the members of the Westmoreland family in Regency England. Miracles tells the story of Nicki du Ville, a world-weary lord who receives an outrageous proposal from Julianna Skeffington, a young lady who is in love with another man. What follows is a witty and charming tale of unexpected romance and adventure.


Miracles was originally published in 1994 as part of an anthology called A Holiday of Love, along with three other stories by different authors. However, in 2016, Miracles was released for the first time ever as an e-novella, which means that you can now download it as a standalone ebook and enjoy it on your preferred device. Whether you have read the other books in the Westmoreland Dynasty Saga or not, Miracles is a delightful and satisfying read that will make you smile and swoon.

So where can you download Miracles by Judith Mcnaught? Here are some of the options available:

  • Google Play Books: You can buy Miracles for $1.99 from Google Play Books. You can also read a free sample of the book before you decide to purchase it. Google Play Books allows you to read ebooks on your Android, iOS, or web devices. You can also sync your reading progress across your devices and access your ebooks offline.

  • You can download Miracles for free from, a website that offers thousands of ebooks in various genres and formats. You can choose to download Miracles in epub, mobi, or pdf format, depending on your device compatibility. also provides a brief summary and rating of the book, as well as other books by Judith Mcnaught.

  • Google Books: You can preview Miracles for free from Google Books, a service that allows you to search and browse millions of books online. You can read up to 20% of the book for free and see the table of contents, reviews, and related books. If you want to read the whole book, you can buy it from Google Play Books or other online retailers.

As you can see, there are several ways to download Miracles by Judith Mcnaught and enjoy this wonderful historical romance story. Whether you are looking for a quick and easy read or a longer and more immersive experience, Miracles will not disappoint you. Download it today and discover why Judith Mcnaught is one of the most popular and beloved authors in the genre.


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