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David Sanders

Key Revealer Keylogger Pro Edition 1 4l

Today morning I found the logs missing from my interface of Revealer keyloggers. But the data is saved in my laptop in .rvl format which is not readable. How do I convert this .rvl log files into any other readable format ?

Key Revealer Keylogger Pro Edition 1 4l


The actual keylogger is quite popular due to its undetectability. Actual keylogger, one of the oldest keyloggers, is hard to detect and cannot be found in Explorer, Task Manager, Add/Remove Programs, etc. Hence, no one would know that the system has a keylogger. Actual keylogger records all active programs, website history, screenshots, clip, and print activities, etc. You can access the actual keylogger by the hotkey (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F7) and run command (akstart). This virtually undetectable keylogger is a great choice to start with.

Best Free Keylogger is another excellent choice to track and record all the activities performed on your computer. These activities include chats, communications, keystrokes, launched apps, and web activities. One of the ultimate features of this keylogger is the Smart Read, which gives you easy-to-read text instead of unintelligible keystroke sequences. This keylogger provides you with detailed information via emails and FTP.

Sourceforge is a minimalist keylogger that was originally designed for backup. Written in Python, which is a well-known, high-level programming language, SourceForge keylogger has been designed to emphasize code readability. Sourceforge has updated itself and has become a well-known name in the world of keyloggers. Its stealth mode is excellent for those who wish to keep keylogging a secret from computer users. However, this keylogger is not so easy to use and requires certain knowledge.

So, these were some of the best keyloggers for windows. All of these keyloggers are free and some of these keyloggers come with a pro version as well. Most of these keyloggers with the free version provide basic features which are enough for simple keylogging monitoring for both parents as well as employers. The pro version offers advanced keylogging options, hence you can go with a pro version if you think you require the advanced features. However, the basic version of Spyrix and KidInspector is truly amazing and you should definitely check those out.


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