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Mix: Meisei Story

Thirty years after Tatsuya and Kazuya Uesugi brought Meisei High School to their only appearance and championship at the National High School Baseball Championship, a pair of highly talented stepbrothers, Touma and Souichirou Tachibana, bring the possibility of a return to the Kōshien, as they learn of the Meisei High sports heritage of their fathers. So, The story revolves around 2 twins who wants to win National High School Baseball Championship at Kōshien. So, Both of are known as king of baseball as two of them wants to fullfill their father dream as Meisei never won again championship after his dad died. Now they are fulfilling their father dream and doing hardwork to achieve that goal. So, one of the Tachibana brother he Touma is one of the beast ace. It is not easy to win the championship because there are many between teams. And these brother need to defeat these team to win competition it.

Mix: Meisei Story


There is one more person in family who is our 3 lead character Otomi Tachibana. She is very good sister and encourage their brother to play game and help them. And she is quite popular in school and boys too. So, story slowly slowly develops and we found there is a one more girl who is kind a girlfriend of younger brother and daughter of coach for Meisei. Her name is Haruka Ohyama. She is very honest and supporting manager of Meisei team. These brother defeat the other team and even in last epiode we see they defeat the strongest team in Japan for baseball and story end here. Because still championship is not won by them and we will see more story about it and may be they win the baseball championship etc. 041b061a72

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