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Just Juicy Matures

Its abundant leaves have a crisp, juicy texture, and sweet, mild flavor. This variety is moderately heat resistant, and will tolerate a light frost, making it a versatile addition to your garden.

just juicy matures

When she asked me and another couple of friends to go over to her place immediately, I thought it was just some juicy gossip that we needed to hear. Instead, we found her crying helplessly on her bed, torn and broken. She began throwing around words in a disoriented fashion, like police, record, abuse and the end, covering her face with her hands in despair. And when she finally managed to articulate a coherent narrative, we gasped and sat in silence, for a really long time.

A new and distinct variety of nectarine tree bearing fruit which is large and has yellow-gold flesh, and which matures in the early in the season, while having an excellent balance of sugar and acidity, the size of the fruit being large with skin of a red blush color ranging from dark garnet red to a lighter red with numerous yellow dots make it very attractive in appearance and flesh of a firm and crisp texture, becoming juicy with after ripening, making it very tasty to eat.

Glands.--Three to four glands are present usually on, or just below, the base of the leaf margin. These glands are variable but most frequently are stalked and globose in form, although reniform types can often be found. The glands are medium in size and alternate in position. Color of the new glands is a bright green (17-L-6), becoming dark with age.

Texture.--The flesh is crisp and firm at commercial maturity and retains that texture throughout the harvest period, hanging well on the tree. After harvest and/or with advancing maturity, the flesh softens and becomes somewhat juicy, but only moderately so.

1. A new and distinct variety of nectarine tree substantially as shown and described, and characterized by its early maturing fruit of large size and excellent sugar balance and, further, having firm, highly edible flesh and skin of a red blush color ranging from dark garnet red to a lighter red with numerous yellow dots, giving it a very attracive appearance, and flesh of a firm and crisp texture and becoming juicy with after ripening.

In fact, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the capital and one of the ten largest cities in the state, recently filed for bankruptcy, although the State is trying to prevent this from happening in order to avoid a wave of defaults. Nevertheless, the situation in the state capital is looking grim; some estimates state that the city owes nearly $242 million and is in default on $65 million in bonds, a pretty sizable sum for a city of less than 50,000 people. This relatively large ordeal is causing concerns to build over the rest of the market and pushing many to wonder if Whitney was just a little early in her predictions of a muni Apocalypse [Are Muni Bond ETFs In Trouble?].

This fund from PowerShares is by far the most popular on the list with assets under management of close to $670 million and volume of close to a quarter million shares a day. The fund tracks the BofA Merrill Lynch Build America Bond Index which is designed to track the performance of U.S. dollar-denominated Build America Bonds publicly issued by U.S. states and territories, and their political subdivisions, in the U.S. market. Nearly half of the bonds in the fund mature in 25 years or more while another 45% have at least 15 years to maturity, giving the product a decidedly long-term tilt [see BAB Holdings]. Furthermore, with a SEC 30 Day Yield of just under 5% and an expense ratio right around 30 basis points, the product looks to be a decent yield option for investors as well. In terms of performance, BAB has slipped a little over the past few weeks but in year-to-date terms, the product is still up 12% [September's ETF Studs: Five Funds That Thrived During A Wild Month].

This PIMCO fund is an actively managed choice for investors in the BAB space, as the product does not track any particular index. This gives the fund more flexibility, but less diversification as BABZ only has 28 securities in total in its portfolio [see BABZ Holdings]. However, much like the other products in the space, it is heavily tilted towards longer term securities with close to 63% of assets maturing in at least 20 years from now. In fact, the average fund maturity is close to 24.1 years, putting it in line with other BAB funds in the space. For investors wondering if the active management has paid off, it looks like it has in this case, as the year-to-date return is just over 15%, along with a yield of just over 4.9% in 30 Day SEC yield terms [see more on the BABZ Fact Sheet]. 041b061a72


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