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Palfinger Crane Manual Error Codes

Palfinger cranes are high-quality and reliable machines that can perform various lifting tasks. However, like any other equipment, they may encounter some errors or malfunctions during operation. To help the operators and service technicians identify and troubleshoot these issues, Palfinger cranes are equipped with a Paltronic 50 system that displays error codes on a screen.

In this article, we will explain how to read and understand the Palfinger crane manual error codes, and what actions to take to resolve them.

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How to Read Palfinger Crane Manual Error Codes

The Paltronic 50 system shows two types of error codes: standard codes and flashing codes. Standard codes are shown steadily on the display and do not integrate any further information. Flashing codes are shown with a second additional information code. The main code is shown with a dot behind the number (e.g. 63.), while the additional information is shown without a dot (e.g. 07).

Furthermore, the system distinguishes between status codes and error codes. Status codes are information for the operator, which appear during the normal crane operation. By using the crane in the right way, the status code shifts back automatically to normal operating (00.). For example, the code 03. shows an overload situation on the crane, which shifts back automatically to code 00. when reducing the crane moment. Status codes are characterized with a star (*) in the manual.

Error codes are codes signaling a mistake in the system. Even after repairing the mistake, the code will not disappear automatically. The operator or the service technician has to reset the system by pressing the OLP button or by restarting the system. Error codes are characterized with two stars () in the manual.

Common Palfinger Crane Manual Error Codes and Their Meanings

Here are some of the most common Palfinger crane manual error codes and their meanings, along with some possible causes and solutions.






Internal error on microcontroller.

Defective main board.

Change or repair the main board.


Error safety check.

Internal program fault.

Change or repair the main board.


Overload on a crane load limit.

The crane load moment exceeds one of the load limits.

Reduce crane load moment by operating a load moment decreasing movement. If necessary, use the OLP button to lower the main boom cylinder and get the crane out of a false overload situation.


Workman basket mode not allowed.

The stabilizers and outriggers are not used correctly; EN280 mode is activated in the software and the input in P50 tells that the basket is mounted.

If the crane is built for workman basket mode and EN280 code, check the wiring and the signal. Otherwise, deactivate the EN280 mode in the software.

In conclusion, Palfinger crane manual error codes are useful tools to diagnose and fix problems with your crane. By following the instructions in this article, you can easily read and understand these codes, and take appropriate actions to ensure your crane's safety and performance. For more information, you can refer to [the official Palfinger website] or [watch this video] on how to read Palfinger error codes.


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