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Curtain Buying Guide

If your curtains are going to be functioning, meaning you will open and close them, lean toward a fullness closer to 3 times the width of the window so they look full even when the draperies are drawn.

curtain buying guide

Pinch pleat curtains have a more custom look. Most ready-made curtains are rod pocket panels across the top. As long as curtain panel is flat across the top, you can gather it into pleats for a more custom look.

Sometimes the curtain fabric you love only comes in a smaller panel width. If your window is extra wide, and the curtains you love only come in smaller widths, you can sew multiple panels together to achieve the fullness you need for your window. This can be particularly helpful if you need an extra wide panel for a patio door.

A lot of curtains come fully-lined, and you can certainly shop for this feature. However, if you find an inexpensive curtain option that is not already lined simply make your own lining! A bed sheet is a great option to attach as a curtain liner.

I love drapery trim, and wow, can you ever find some gorgeous options to add to your curtains. Adding a decorative trim down the inside edge of each panel creates a beautiful custom look and a fun pop of color that can coordinate with your room.

Putting up curtains can be daunting. With so many things to take into consideration, it is perilously easy to make a time consuming and costly mistake. Successful window dressings start long before the fabric is chosen. Correct decisions have to be made at each and every step; a break in the chain could spell disaster. Should you choose pencil pleat or eyelet and what about lining? To help you properly measure and fit your curtains simply follow the simple guide below and your window dressing are sure to be the envy of the neighbourhood.

Top Tip: If you look at the product page of the ready made curtains you'd like to buy, then you should see a Size Calculator Button. If you click on this button, follow the instructions and enter your sizes then you will be given an accurate suggestion on what size to order.

All our ready made curtains are sold as pairs, and the sizes stated refer to the size of each curtain. For example, in a pair of curtains 46" wide x 54" length, there will be two curtains, each measuring 46" wide. To calculate the size of curtain you require, the total width of the curtains should be no less than one and a half the width of your window. To achieve a full and luxurious look, we recommend increasing the fullness to double the width of your window.

Note: For the above sizes, we are advising that each panel should be the recommended size. So for a 46 inch wide pole you will need a pair of curtains, with each panel measuring 46 inches wide. That way the two panels combined will be double the pole width to give you the required fullness. For ease we sell all of our curtains in pairs, so in this instance you would just need to order a pair of curtains that are 46 inches wide.

So, you should now know how curtain sizes relates to pole or track width. The next step is correctly measuring your pole or track so that you can order the right curtains. Knowing how to measure for curtains can prove difficult as there are a number of techniques available for getting the right curtain measurements for your poles and tracks. Here we cover a variety of techniques which are applicable to both ready made and made to measure curtains.

When using a regular curtain pole you will need to measure from the eyelet on the bottom of the rings (where the hook is inserted), to where you would like the curtain to finish. If you would like to completely hide the bottom of the ring and the eyelet, add 1" to the final measurement. We recommend this as it gives a better appearance.

When using an eyelet curtain pole you will need to measure from the top of the curtain pole to where you would like the curtains to finish. Please note: when using eyelet curtains, there must be at least 1.5"-2" clearance above your curtain pole.

If you still need a little help then we do have a handy curtain size calculator, that can be found here. This calculator will take into account the measurements you enter and advise you of the best curtain size for your needs. This calculator is also available on the product page of all of our ready made curtains.

Browse from over 2,000 fabrics and if you want to see how the colours will look in your home, simply request up to 5 free samples. Make your product selections and Partners at Herbert Parkinson (our exclusive textile factory in Lancashire) will create high quality curtains and blinds to your measurements

Updating your curtains or drapes is an easy and affordable way to refresh the look of any room. Whether you're decorating a new set of windows for the first time or updating old window dressings, the first step is to measure your windows so you know what size curtains to get.

Before you begin measuring, consider how you want your curtains to look. Do you want them to hang down to the window sill or all the way to the floor? Are you going for a full, gathered look with the curtains drawn all the way to the sides of the window?

If you are planning on hanging your curtains to the bottom of the window sill, then you will need to measure the length of your window from the top of the frame to the bottom of the sill. Extend this measurement to the floor if you plan to hang full length curtains.

When measuring width, consider how much light you want to let in. For decorative window dressings like sheer panels, you may decide to simply mount the curtain rod on the window frame and let light in from the sides.

However, if your goal is to use blackout curtains or to go for a full and gathered look, consider how far to the sides of the window you want to extend your curtain rod. One common rule of thumb for a full and gathered look is to multiply 2.5x the width of your window

Bay windows typically involve multiple pieces, but they are measured similarly to the steps outlined above for single and double hung window curtains. Make sure to measure the length and width of each window section and extend those measurements accordingly depending on how long you want the curtain panels to hang.

French door curtains are generally floor length panels hung above the door molding that extend past the edges of the doors. Make sure to measure the entire length of the door from the top of the molding to the floor.

Want the luxe look? You'll love these velvet eyelet curtains from MADE, which will add colour and opulence to your space. If this antique gold colourway isn't right for you, it's also available in burnt orange, soft pink, ink blue, silver grey and teal blue.

Firstly, you will need to measure your windows. This allows us to get an idea of sizing which is important for the decision-making process. While not every curtain comes in all sizes, we will find one to suit.

All Pillow Talk curtains have a drop length of either 223cm or 250cm. This length accommodates most homes with high ceilings. It also works in homes with a standard ceiling height by raising the curtain rod well above the window architrave for added height. Ideally you will install your curtain rod after you have purchased your curtains so that you can adjust the rod height to suit the curtain length, ensuring the curtain drop finishes just above the floor.

Both options involve installing the rod well above the window architrave. This creates the illusion of a higher ceiling and gives a sense of extra space and grandeur. Before you start any drilling we recommend sliding your curtains onto the rod, then holding the rod at the planned height on your wall so you can check that the curtain length is just right. Detailed curtains' installation instructions are included in our rod sets.

Sheer or blockout? The right curtain for you, depends if you want natural light in your chosen room or a complete block from light. After filtered light? Opt for sheer curtains. Sheer curtains are perfect for diffusing the glare and brightness of harsh sun rays while still allowing natural light to filter into a room.

After complete darkness? Opt for blockout curtains. All of our blockout curtains are finished with a high quality 3 pass coating on reverse ensuring no light can seep through the fabric. They are perfect for shift workers that need to sleep during the day or for a baby room. They are also great for media rooms to achieve that dark cinematic experience.

Want to help regulate the temperature inside your home? Windows influence the temperature of a house in a passive but significant way. Blockout curtains help regulate this change in temperature. During the warmer months, blockout curtains act as a barrier between the window and the inside of a home, preventing the heat that seeps through the window glass from entering the home, ultimately keeping it cooler inside. Similarly, during the colder months, the heat you warm your house with becomes trapped inside the home, rather than escaping through the glass window. This means potential savings on your energy bill!

If you require total privacy in your home, opt for blockout curtains. All our blockout curtains are completely opaque thanks to the 3 pass coating on reverse ensuring it is impossible to see through the fabric. They are ideal for any room that requires complete privacy.

Shower curtains are available in a variety of materials, including cotton, vinyl and polyester or microfibre. The material you choose for your curtain will have an impact on the design of your bathroom.